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Article introduction

Protein is the material of a kind of nutrition with indispensible human body, offer enough protein to be able to assure normal physiology demand for us, still can rise to prevent the action of disease of heart head blood-vessel. Below the circumstance that lacks protein in the body, having a few protein white is a kind of very good compensatory way, because be the thing of tall nutrition, concern of a lot of people can let the body become fat. So, did protein pink eat meeting get fat? We look below.

Did protein pink eat meeting get fat

Protein pink provides energy for everybody, general won’t get fat, but inside the body that the account that some people took meeting put on weight is them adipose accumulate much.

The soja albumen of protein pink comes from Japan’s biggest soja albumen manufacturer — not the blame of the 2 companies that make oil turns security of gene soja albumen is high, among them protein content is as high as 50% , pink can offer protein of each spoon children 10 grams are high grade protein, protein crude price is as high as 95% , rate of consumption is as high as 96% , have the health food that enhances immune force function.

Protein pink can be made muscle, blood, skin and all sorts of body organs, help body makes new organization be organized brokenly in order to replace, carry all sorts of nutrition to the cell. Adjust the balance of the moisture inside body, produce the antibody of antagonism bacterium and infection for immune system, help cut blood condenses reach heal. Protein pink is made inside body enzymatic, energy of translate into of conduce general food.

The children adolescent in puerpera of the person that protein pink suits easy cold particularly, person that energy is not worth easy exhaustion, person that get hurt to recover with the operation, pregnant, development, old people reachs strong and handsome, personage reducing weight to take. Take Shang Chen times be good at protein pink is restricted without the age, but unsuited recommend 1 year old of the following infants.

Did protein pink eat meeting get fat

The effect effect of protein pink

1, the normal physiology demand of effective safeguard human body

Protein is the main source of element of human body nitrogen, not only can provide the partial energy that waste, still can use the organization with new synthesis. 17% what hold weight about into the protein inside human body, the protein that has 3% everyday attends metabolization to update. Woman of infant, teenage, pregnant woman, lactation, besides maintaining constituent protein to update, synthesize new organization even. When the protein inside body is insufficient, basic life activity of the person can be affected, can bring about children, adolescent to grow logy, weight is too light, intellectual growth obstacle. Adult appears tired, lose weight, anaemic, serous albumin is reduced, even oedema, can pose woman menstruation obstacle.

Did protein pink eat meeting get fat

2, the happening of disease of precautionary heart and vessels

Heart disease is in western developed country, it is the first killer that causes death. Serous cholesterol content is high it is the main reason that causes heart disease. Fat can raise the tallow in food serous cholesterol content, it is to bring about the arteriosclerosis, main factor that causes heart disease. Saturated fatty acid, cholesterol, blood cholesterol is having direct connection with heart disease too much, reduce serous cholesterol, also send sick into death danger with respect to what reduced heart disease. 1982, multilateral scientist cares about big profit and Switzerland respectively, use soja protein to replace experiment of animal protein contrast to high cholesterol patient, as a result the proof absorbs albumen of 50 grams soja everyday, total cholesterol measures its plasma dropped 20% , the hematic fat that this research proves to soja protein can reduce high cholesterol patient and cholesterol are adverse to cardiac influence.

3, replace animal albumen, reduce diabetic kidney burden

Nephrosis is a kind of common long-term diabetic complication, 20% much diabetic kidney functions are damaged. Absorb animal albumen, will increase nephritic burden, bring about the accentuation of the illness thereby. Soja protein is passed reduce serous cholesterol content, arrive since prevent and reduce the animal albumen harm to the kidney. Through treating observation to the food of nephrosis patient, replace animal albumen effect with soja protein best, nephrosis patient also is happy to accept the provision that contains soja protein.

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