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Article introduction

Coco is the sort of a kind of fruit with intertropical common area, flavour sweet, mouthfeel is distinctive, because coco contains a lot ofmany moisture, because this is in burning hot summer, coco was to become fruity of many person disappear heat more optimal choice. Think besides fruit edible value actually, the position such as coco skin, coconut milk still can have the effect that be used as medicine, have fair officinal value, be together coco and bird’s nest collocation also is a right choice. Be inferior to learn to learn coco to stew the particular way of bird’s nest!

Coco stews the practice of bird's nest

One, can coco stew bird’s nest

Possible. The coco bird’s nest that stew raises gas of shade moisten the respiratory tract, beneficial to fill the medium, caustic that treat theory, raise Yan Meirong, make the skin smooth, bouncy with burnish; and also have be good at lienal filling gas, enrich the blood raise colour, the dietotherapy action of skin of profit of be good at system. The effect that coco stews bird’s nest

2, the advantage of soup of the coco bird’s nest that stew

Coco bird’s nest, because bird’s nest has the nourishing lung kidney, action; coconut meat that raises shade to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid,fill empty caustic, strong the action of bones and muscles, so this dish is had feed filling effect. Delicacy of flavour of soup of the coco bird’s nest that stew is sweet, comfortable syncretic family benefits strong body is drinkable, and fill and not dry, grow and not be bored with, it is to raise Yan Zhi fine quality goods. Additional, if suffer from,go up phthisical disease, spirit depressed, be discouraged, speech is low cadaverous, cough has weak, facial expression phlegmy, can make dietotherapy with this soup.

Coco stews the practice of bird's nest

3, the practice of the coco bird’s nest that stew

1.Large coconut tree is ripped go coco garment, bathe, wipe up.

2.Coco coping curiums, heart of take out coco, reservation coping makes handleless cup top, retain coconut oar water.

3.Bird’s nest is sent fully with leach beforehand, choose wash clean, drop does water.

4.South, boreal almond goes the garment, part with dried tangerine or orange peel bathe is clean.

5.Frog is blown wash clean, go head, go ungual needle, flay, go splanchnic, behead.

6.bird’s nest, south, boreal almond, frog and dried tangerine or orange peel put coco handleless cup inside.

7.1 spoon wine and right amount cool boiled water are added inside handleless cup, coping of the coco on the lid, the paper that use yarn seals close lid to seam.

8.Put 4 hours are stewed inside boiler.

9.Add fine salt to flavor, can drinkable.

Coco stews the practice of bird's nest

4, the nutrient component of bird’s nest

Modern medicine considers to discover, bird’s nest bases has: Microelement of; of water-solubility protein, carbohydrate: Calcic, phosphor, iron, natrium, Potassium and the amino acid that have main effect to promoting human body vigor (acid of ammonia of lysine, Guang and acerbity) of ammonia of essence of life. 1000 grams contain inside dry bird’s nest: Protein is 499 grams, calcic 429 milligram, carbohydrate 30 milligram, water divides 306 grams, phosphor nurturance of 49 milligram, other camp divides 104 grams, iron. The biology active element of the protein component content with distinctive bird’s nest, ; carbohydrate recovering from an illness after the growth that conduces to human body organization, development and disease is body caloric main source, supplement each other with protein, make protein play provides the function beyond quantity of heat, also can promote adipose metabolization.

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