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Article introduction

Gram congee is the common food in the life, generally speaking, in body of take good care of sb when drinking congee more do not have disadvantage. Congee also belongs to one of food crops food grains other than wheat and rice, a lot of people can choose millet when doing congee, actually rice also can be used do congee, mouthfeel is very pretty good also. The choice of rice gram congee and way are simpler, also suit cooking novice to make very much. So how is rice gram congee boiled?

How is rice gram congee boiled

1. practice 1:

The seed of Job’s tears uses bleb 12 hours, rice bubble 4 hours, gram need not bubble. Put the seed of Job’s tears first, rice and gram are entered again after be being boiled, boil again, turn small fire, it is OK to boiled the seed of Job’s tears and gram to rot. If like sweet, can put bit of crystal sugar. After been do, take a bowl to fill commonly; Take spoon to eat, want cool fast, best take tray.

How is rice gram congee boiled

2. practice 2:

Clean out rice with clear water clean; Gram goes foreign matter, the bath that use Qing Dynasty is clean. Put gram into boiler, add clear water 2 litres or so, flourishing baked wheaten cake boils, burn 40 minutes or so with small fire stew, to gram crisp when rotting, the baked wheaten cake in putting rice to use boils 30 minutes or so, boil blossom to grain of rice, congee soup is stiff thick can. After refrigeration, add white sugar to blend edible.

How is rice gram congee boiled

3. gram

Gram flavour pleasant, the gender is cool, enter classics of heart, stomach; Have clear hot relieve internal heat or fever, disappear heat is divided irritated, stop thirsty be good at stomach, the effect of benefit water detumescence; Advocate treat hotly have loose bowels of irritated thirsty, damp and hot, oedema furuncle of swollen poison of ulcer of abdominal distension, sore, erysipelas rash of swollen, mumps, blain and inscriptions arsenic wood are toxic person. Gram sex is cold, element body empty is cold person unfavorable be fed more or long feed, taste empty cold have loose bowels person careful feed.

4. rice

Rice is paddy classics clears, rice huller cereal, husk rice, finished product arranges the finished product that after waiting for working procedure, makes. Clear working procedure uses appropriate device namely, adopt proper technological process and appropriate operation method, the eliminate of of all kinds impurity in interfuse paddy, in order to improve the quality of rice finished product, the Tie Ding in using magnet eliminate rice at the same time, scrap, in order to make sure production is safe. Working procedure of rice huller cereal uses balata roller rice huller namely or corundum rice huller takes off the clever carapace of paddy, make clever carapace and unpolished rice detached. Husk rice working procedure is ground with rice mill namely cut, attrition unpolished rice makes cerebral cortex and albumen detached, undertake brushing rice again next, go branny, go the processing such as rice of broken, air, such attainable place need the rice of grade.

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