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Article introduction

The flavour of lily is very good, everybody can use lily boil congee commonly, the aroma of light lily can be carried inside such congee, can cause the appetite of people more. Lily still has very high nutrition value and officinal value, can complement not only the nutrition of human body, return a lot of diseases that can treat human body, cough for example etc. The practice of lily is very much also, be one kind old little all the cordial of appropriate. So, what does lily boil the effect of congee to have?

Lily boils the effect of congee

Lily is one common kind feeds capable person, nutrient value ratio is higher, very good embellish lung relieves a cough, raise the action that shade promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid, the dietotherapy effect of lily is exceedingly pretty good, can boil congee to drink at ordinary times with lily, e.g. congee of lily lean lean, compare congee of common health care of preserve one’s health namely, have the effect of very good nourishing body, have recuperation taste, stimulative digestive effect, still certain hairdressing is raised colour, stimulative skin beauty’s white effect.

The effect of congee of lily lean lean and action

1, congee of lily lean lean can be nourishing the body

Lily contains many protein in lean lean congee, it contains vegetable protein already, contain animal protein again, and the content of amino acid is particularly high also, divide this beyond, it still contains prandial fiber and many carbohydrate to reach a variety of vitamins, can become these nutrition quickly after people edible at ordinary times cent is absorbed and use, the beneficial in can filling is angry, also can strong body, suit those body weakling most group edible.

Lily boils the effect of congee

2, congee of lily lean lean can fill lienal with the stomach

Congee of lily lean lean, not simply can beneficial is angry, raise shade moisten the respiratory tract, still can fill lienal with the stomach, also can clear lung, it can promote human body gastric juice to secrete, increase the digestive capacity of human body intestines and stomach, also can restrain human body to be opposite adipose absorption, at ordinary times congee of lean lean of people edible lily, can satisfy the body need to a variety of different nutrition already, can prevent the body again fat, still can alleviate effectively human indigestion and inappetence. Divide this beyond, congee of lily lean lean returns can clear heart to calm the nerves, it can raise shade to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, also can calm the nerves except irritated, the undesirable symptom such as ferry of pyretic to people injury and insomnious heart-throb has alleviate apparently action.

Lily boils the effect of congee

3, congee of lily lean lean can hairdressing is raised colour

Lily contains a variety of beneficial to human body microelement in lean lean congee, especially the content of microelement Potassium is higher, this kind of material can promote human body metabolization, also can alimentary skin, the skin that lets people is delicate, add flexibility, reduce furrow to generate, additional, the lily in congee of lily lean lean still contains a few natural mucus protein, this kind of material is beneficial to skin cell metabolism, because this eats congee of lily lean lean more at ordinary times,can remove apparent hairdressing raise colour action.

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