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Article introduction

Gram bud is a kind of food that after gram bubble is sent, sprout and becomes, the commonnest practice is frying gram bud to eat namely, have light gram sweet smell, also be the food that a lot of people like to eat. But gram of gram bud unlike should be put in dry environment only, can save very long, won’t worry about gemmiparous metamorphism, but gram bud is different, if do not eat to put two days change with respect to addle flavour, how should do so?

Does gram bud put two days to be able to eat

Can gram bud put freezer

Can. But also cannot long put, put freezer to also should not be more than two days. Bought green bean sprouts had better eat that day. Bean sprouts, especially content of gram bud moisture is big, more delicate, belong to the food of easy decay, even if put in freezer, storage life also too won’t long, and put time grew nutrition also prediction of a person’s luck in a given year one most, or as early as possible edible is better.

Gram bud is saved commonly rise have two kinds of methods, one kind is to use leach bubble to save, another kind is to put freezer cold storage. But the prediction of a person’s luck in a given year that causes nutrient material easily also for long with leach bubble. Bean sprouts is bought in the home, it is to use how to much buy commonly.

Does gram bud put two days to be able to eat

How does gram bud put freezer to save

1, first clutch drops Brown root must

Before putting freezer, the green bean sprouts that will become angry is refuse, will become Brown root to must want clutch to drop, because above touch a bacterium easily, if not purify can quicken bean sprouts corrupt to change.

2, do not touch watertight to seal cold storage

The bean sprouts that will buy is intact (do not touch water) the ground is sealed be in bag or load polybag sealed good, put freezer cold storage to save, cannot exceed two days at most.

Does gram bud put two days to be able to eat

3, put into freezer cold storage again after the scald that use water is ripe

Perhaps choose to use bean sprouts clear water is abluent, the Xian Chao in putting boiled water 1 after coming 2 minutes, scoop, can protect moisture content more so. After accusing to do water, put bean sprouts again last in bag, as far as possible the air inside eduction bag, sealed save. Put freezer cold storage again finally. As far as possible the air inside eduction bag, make good written guarantee, can outside again much cover a few, make outside air is entered less as far as possible in bag, restrain the respiration of bean sprouts, make its can save longer time.

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