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Article introduction

Currant is a acerbity acid is sweet kind of small snacks, in at ordinary times also eat via regular meeting among the life, do not pass a lot of people and regarding currant as is a kind of meal, also have think of to be able to be added inside soup, when doing gram boiling water actually, can put on a few currant, can alleviate so the drab mouthfeel in gram soup, a thick soup letting soup becomes more good drink, gram currant the making method of soup is simple also, make a relevant introduction to everybody.

Gram currant the practice of soup

Currant gram congee

Advocate makings: Gram 100 overcome

Complementary makings: Currant 50 overcome

The method that make:

1. picks raisin clean, with cold water summary bubble, rinse clean;

2. gram pan is clean, immerse half hours with cold water, fish out, drop does moisture;

Cold water of about 1200 milliliter is added in 3. boiler, enter currant, gram, use; of flourishing fire boil first

4. converts again small fire is boiled to congee can. ;

5. again a bit stew is a short while, can fill a bowl in can edible.

Healthy effect: Clear heat is alexipharmic, be good at stomach promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid, enrich the blood strong Chile bones and muscles, liver of grow kidney beneficial.

Gram currant the practice of soup

Sanitarian action

Gram is the top grade in summer food, higher value is it is officinal. Midsummer intense heat of summer, people drinks some of gram congee, gan Liang is goluptious, sunstroke prevention disappear is hot. The child has prickly heat because of day heat, take with gram and Xian He, the effect is better. If use boiling water of decoct of red bean of gram, bare, black soya bean, already children of medicable hot summer days is dyspeptic, medicable children skin disease and hives. Often eat mung bean, to hypertensive, arteriosclerosis, diabetic, nephritis better treatment assists action. In addition gram still can regard external use as medicine, chew the apply after rotting to treat sore furuncle and skin eczema. If got acne, can grind gram into delicate last stage, boil mushy, abluent before go to bed have a department, daub is in affected part. “Gram garment ” can be clear hot detoxify, still have subsidence of a swelling, medicinal powder slight corneal opacity the action such as bright eye.

Because of its nutrition is abounded, can make wine of meal of fabaceous congee, beans, beans, feed, Zuo is fed, or make bait pause cake, or sprout dish, reason has ” to feed in beautiful is tasted, of ” of aid world long cereal say. From ” a book on Chinese medicine opening treasure ” account: “Gram, pleasant, cold, avirulent. Enter classics of heart, stomach. Advocate erysipelas irritated heat, nettle rash, steam goes straight towards pig, unripe grind wring juice to take, also boil feed, subsidence of a swelling leaves energy of life, press hot detoxify. “Past dynasties a book on Chinese medicine is opposite after the officinal effect of gram has elucidate more. ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” the cloud: “Gram, although the meritorious service that subsidence of a swelling orders blain is the same as at red bean, and the force of the detoxify that press heat passes. And arteries and veins of beneficial gas, thick intestines and stomach, stimulate the menstrual flow, without long the fear that takes withered person. Surgery treats ulcer, have inside hold in the palm protect a heart to come loose, extremely character its effect. “And but ” solution inscriptions, arsenic, wood everything all poisonous ” .

Gram currant the practice of soup

” a book on Chinese medicine begs true ” say: “Sex of gram flavour pleasant is cold, according to the book equipment pole weighs be apt to, have Yan Nenghou skin of intestines and stomach, embellish, reach with the five internal organs endowment taste, although use ginseng, Qi,press this, return, art, not be to pass also. Yan Nenghou, can embellish, can mix, can endowment person, because the predestined relationship is poisonous the ablaze inside unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, taste of skin of main and collateral channels of every internal organs of the body, without do not get poisonous trouble, take detoxify of this sex be apt to, reason altogethers all all without exception use this get the desired result. “Review each a book on Chinese medicine, heat of hot to gram Qing Dynasty dispel is alexipharmic, the officinal effect such as benefit water very praise highly. Come nearly a few years, people had the research of many sided to gram with modern science and technology.

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