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In the life a lot of people like to eat areca particularly, the areca that has matured tastes mouthfeel is particularly sweet, and if be green,acerbity areca tastes mouthfeel acid is acerbity, but areca this kind of fruit is not everybody eatable, after the person with a lot of special bodies ate areca particularly easy disgusting vomiting, resembling is toxic same, so is eating areca wind frowsty dizziness how to return a responsibility?

Ate areca wind frowsty dizziness

The areca that Hunan makes now is after passing an areca Yan to make, nod again on ” bittern ” and become. To reduce cost, lengthen the aftertaste of areca, areca is made in Yan many essence and saccharin were joined in the process. Burden of these chemical element complex are long-term edible has certain undesirable effect to human body, and areca carapace child go up the ” bittern ” of the dot is add an embryo to candy is made up and be become by lime (lime is not the thing additive) that the country allows. People chews the areca that so this kind of conventional technology makes up the report of the generation after feeding is exciting degree strong, and the time lengthen as mastication, aftertaste still remains in areca broken bits. The areca that this kind of conventional technology makes feels to the person’s consumption seem of in a sense is insalubrious. Actually, people is chewed feeding areca is to pass areca to be in chew the carrier in feeding areca, also with respect to

Ate areca wind frowsty dizziness

It is Yan makes the essence spice that adds in areca process and saccharin and the ” bittern ” on the dot after making up. This kind of carrier is contacted when people first time when, meeting generation heartbeat is accelerated, bosom frowsty, disgusting, vomiting, flame is dripping wet of calorific, kubla khah, guttural the symptom such as the feeling that is blocked up, as time passes, people thinks chew areca to must want to have this kind of feeling. So, without the areca of this kind of feeling people considers as without areca flavour.

Ate areca wind frowsty dizziness

Cause disgusting cause a lot of, the common gastric disease such as urgent chronic gastritis, ulcer disease can be reflexed through nerve cause disgusting

Opinion proposal: Can have remedy of motivation of the stomach that nod hurried fourth Lin, notice delicate food, do not eat overheat to cross cool food

Areca, flavour is painstaking, air temperature, avirulent. Enter lienal, stomach, large intestine, lung 4 classics, disappear water cereal, divide phlegmy addiction, stop aching, kill 3 insect.

Opinion proposal: The god is like again after treating, drop all gas extremely below, defeat sluggish to enrage be issued to lower levels only, but be like those who take is overmuch, return the supreme vital energy in have diarrhoea bosom. Consider the effect of edible areca, suspensive edible is OK.

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