Lian Yuga’s advantage 7 schedule of the day – every day net of preserve one’s health

Lian Yuga’s advantage 7 schedule of the day

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To fitness, everybody should make a small plan be aimed at especiallyGem galThis moves, gymnastical plan is indispensable, the gymnastical life that can let you so is more systimatic, gymnastical effect is much better.

Lian Yuga’s advantage depends on this 7 schedule of the day.

  The first day, build interior oxygen with breath. The pose that looks for you to feel comfortable (lying to sitting but, but must let be loosened all over) , the eye that closes you gently begins to do deep breathing, inspiratory when, make abdomen contractive, want to be able to a kind of breath is taken when expiration the feeling of back vertebra, in breathing process, should feel him humor is extremely good, cast all distracting thoughts, the most wonderful picture in subjective memory, duration is controlled in 5 minutes, open next open one’s eyes, the world before is much more relaxed.

  The 2nd day, the motion on the neck arouses cerebral ministry vitality. Face of both hands dry-clean, the hand that thinking is a family member is in stroke oneself gently, idea conveniently and move, the do up one’s hair after using finger to was gone to once upon a time next, after the movement ends, with yoga breath adjusts the body to come flabby, let double shoulder loosen, head towards the left turns 3 times each right, again before after admiring, admire, accomplish as far as possible every time, relapse 3 times, finally, spit the foul smell in the bosom with all one’s strength, make sure you become magical quiet gas feel well.

  The 34th day, double thin body trains. After quiet feeling, first two shoulders extend the muscle that pulls vertebral both sides backward, next two legs are divided slightly stand, two tactics backward alternate photograph is grasped, become the upper part of the body to bend as far as possible ahead straight by back, hold the time of 15 seconds, semidiurnal, two days 4 hind, see oneself, be like the feeling of swallow gently personally.

  The 5th day, those who look for a sleep is sweet. Did not think of breath also can treat insomnia, before sleep, double leg across sits on the bed, rachis is erect, next big toe presses right nostril, breathe through left nostril 1 will loosen to 2 minutes, the feeling in awaiting a heart is clean one a short while, lay down again enter Mian with body of right on one’s side (remember, it is to use the body on the right side of) . Want to hold to only, believe you can swing insomnious affliction certainly.

  The 6th day, let you become the person with dye-in-the-wood confidence. Lie low at the bed, double foot and approach, before toe is strong, extend of will double arm overdoes, maintain be the same as with the shoulder wide, down double arm of finger tip extend, elbow is straight; down sufficient needle again extend double leg, after holding 10 seconds, recall breathes condition normally, such movement can circulate inside exciting form and breathe, also can your raise self-confidence, have a try you knew, the advantage that finds Lian Yuga is very much.

  The 7th day, the attention like hunter. Lie low is on the bed, before both hands is put aside and the centre of the palm is opposite. Stretch one’s hand after overdoing, bend right leg to touch left leg inside continuously, hold 10 seconds, there is not the feeling that forces the body in athletic process, can extend your shoulder, arm and back so, also be helpful for improving your attention and explicit image.

Suggest everybody wants to impose a practice frequently, nurturance makes the good habit of the plan, this also is one of Lian Yuga’s advantage

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