The 6 big healthy gain of " of " Jing Jieyu gal – every day net of preserve one’s health

The 6 big healthy gain of " of " Jing Jieyu gal

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Don’t still have from “ year go in ” flavour? How many have bit of section hind to be asked for integratedly, treat the job to need to transfer period, letGem galMotion takes the lead in bringing our body and mind into play rise, happy andHealthyThe ground goes facing. From found up to now, static bound abides by “ all the time the most authenticGem gal, the truest the teacher that pass, the most effective course, the fixed position of the most harmonious environment ” , concentrated all the time management “ gem gal ” , although Ceng Li is mixed via market risk alluring, but never shake to major gem gal grooms hold to and try hard. Jing Jieyu did not jump inside gal house hold, without Latin ……

Static bound belongs to gem gal only, static bound makes a halcyon world that belongs to gem gal only attentively in this blundering economy society. Chang Lianyu gal, let you get in respect of psychology, spirit not only slow, still can healthful, prevent the effect such as chronic illness effectively, the gem gal coach that we let listen to static bound below introduces to us, gem gal gives you 6 brought healthy advantage.

■ reduce weight

Cause fat reason to may return intended mark weakness, the training that passes gem gal lets you there can be more powerful control force when the temptation that faces cate. In addition, because of endocrinopathy or reason of other department of gynaecology fat, also can lend You Yuga all sorts of posture laws of course achieve very good control result.

■ massage splanchnic

Cooperate abdominal law to the exercise can promote splanchnic function to promote and mediate loop, digest reach internal system function is composed neurological.

■ make a heart bright rise

Loosen completely when body and mind dedicated at extend limbs, the Fei inside the “ head that generation of the meeting inside body lets one kind popular feeling feeling is pleasant whoop ” stable state of mind can release negative sentiment and let a person have openly idea, reach the state of ” of “ body loose calm and ” of syncretic of “ body and mind gradually. Use abdominal law but aggrandizement abdominal cavity is splanchnic, control breathing speed, can adjust autonomic nerve to control a heartbeat to lead alleviation insecurity mood.

■ prevent chronic

Do not think muscle and skeletal meeting are only tired, of explicit body tired of the both hands that can pass you massage and achieve slow, actually the viscera of human body also can produce inactive and tired move. And the in-house organ that the pose that lends You Yuga all sorts of posture laws massages the body, can promote the muscle with haemal circulation inflexible extend not only, outside making joint agile, still can make gland body secretes nerve of balance, aggrandizement, chronic of course illness also can be isolated from with you.

■ eliminate insecurity and exhaustion

Stand and the person with incorrect sitting position, or it is long-term be in spirit because of the job or life pressure to stretch tight closely the person of condition, feel more easily than average person naturally fatigue or have listless feeling and can make breath abnormal. The breathing law of gem gal is able to eliminate put oneself in another’s position through breathing conciously the waste gas inside and empty fire and eliminate insecurity and exhaustion.

■ keep green

The complete breath of gem gal can control the body to make the body lies good health, what promote spirit then is active. Gem gal also can make the person’s mood often is in a kind of happy condition, opposite life up inside body of input of ground of vigor from beginning to end, make person constant nurture is green.


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