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Shadowboxing preserve one’s health and health care

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   ShadowboxingLearn with art of Taoist school philosophy, traditional Chinese medical science, yin and yang, mechanical wait for theoretical foundation, all of energy spirit look repairs refine to pass interest of body of tone heart, attune, attune, undertake modulatory to the person’s physiology, psychology, make achieve reasonable nature harmonious and unified. To fitnessPreserve one’s healthHave main effect.

Wang Zongyue ” shadowboxing talks ” have talk: “ too extremely person, without extremely and unripe, the machine of activity, the mother of yin and yang also ” , a few words are ” shadowboxing is talked ” general programme. Without extremely unripe too extremely, too extremely unripe everythings on earth, the person is one of everythings on earth, also abide by surely too extremely the manage of moving change, exercise shadowboxing also is about the principle of aether pole will coach practice.

Exercise shadowboxing, core is “ is enraged all right with the heart. In order to enrage carry body. ” of heart of ” alleged “ , press contemporary language to be able to call “ meaning ” . “ gas ” is to point to to ” , “ vigour ” is enraged inside “ . Means experienced shadowboxing ought to make great efforts on intention, “ wants intention guiding body, preexistence its heart, be in after its body. ”

A road of shadowboxing, shove a hand, medicinal powder hand and appliance drilling, all be intention guiding be caused by, it is the explicit expression form of intention, the heart thinks somewhat. Body is done somewhat. Capture “ to want to make great efforts on intention ” this core, experienced shadowboxing ability accomplishs body and mind to hold concurrently long. “ intention does not exert oneself to do sth. ” , “ goes with the heart meaning, in order to enrage carry body ” , ” of nature of “ Song Jing is accomplished below recognizant guiding.

Shadowboxing of be used to person, head need Ming Songrou, Xu Jing, counteracted put in order. It is a foundation with Song Rou surely, loose and indefatigable, close and not deadlocked. Should know Song Rou one minute little a minute inflexible, little force of a minute of deadlocked gains strength of one one’s duty. When experienced shadowboxing, each joint want the whole body to loosen everywhere, muscle film spins, although extremely soft but of place contain inside interest makes the person feels aid of firm soft posture.

Simple and honest very close to each other, only this ability affects 39 batches of hoisting jack. What friend cannot say is soft, what also cannot call is firm, net 9 soft one integrated mass, muddy at having mark also, of square it may be said too extremely. Press above requirement experienced shadowboxing, practice arrives proper time, limb not tip generation hemp bilges inside the feeling of gas plentiful, this is body the expression of adept gas, it is the process of heart’s-blood of main and collateral channels of education vigour, dredge, filling gas.


Also be internal force increase reflect. Perserve, can drill finally piece satisfactory inside strong. Send inside body namely pure neutralization gas. Experienced fist beard is with loose soft Xu Jing this, as fist of be used to person the growth of the age, the preserve one’s health in thisHealth careeffect is jumped over remarkable.

If unidentified Song Rouzhi manages, drilling fist or the limb in shoving a hand is inflexible, cannot complete Song Rou goes change, or rely on a few skill only or use acquired clumsy power. After waiting for aged force to decline, the foul smell inside body rises, qing Yang is depressed, make top-heavy disease easily.


Realize too extremely path, ming Songrou Xu Jingzhi manages, final education gives neutralization energy of life, must make great efforts on whole. Shadowboxing is motion of a whole, carry softly in the pine do not have easily have do not move.

Should reach human body from the beginning above all the foot is departmental and articulatory (neck, backbone, end, shoulder, ancon, wrist, hip, genu, ankle) loose (dry too extremely in the process that shove a hand, comparative in the other side under pressure, still can maintain each joint to loosen, just be needs Song Rou) , ask to sneak away buttock, wrap crotch, receive an abdomen, suck groin, contain a bosom, unplug back, loose neck, buckle spirit of shoulder, empty god, in Zheng Anshu.

With such body form experienced fist, can make air plane is added in main and collateral channels straightway, circular for no reason. Should notice acupuncture point of the gate of vitality wants to have particularly when experienced fist small the idea that supports backward, form around to be opposite the momentum that maintain, drive two hip to rotate slightly, body form keeps medium, ability props up 8, rotate freely.

And waist (the gate of vitality) it is the key that joins up and down. The gate of vitality person, the portal of life. The place that true Yin Zhenyang occupies, it is the place of former energy of life, for too extremely hub. Reason " 13 situation formulas put into verse " say source of “ life meaning is in the waist is unoccupied place, quarter quarter take care in the ” between the waist.

Fluctuation photograph must be accomplished to follow in transition of shadowboxing whole motion, photograph of inside and outside closes. Continuous and ceaseless. Make organ of organization of all inside and outside is undertaking the whole body move organic and harmoniously. Say offer with breath again, union is defended inside divine meaning, experience too extremely the change of yin and yang, make all fluctuation, left and right sides, around, and whirligig all accords with brothers waist hip too extremely manage. Make oneself achieves syncretic of inside and outside, perky syncretic, arise thereby pure counteract in gas.

Forefathers Ceng Yun: Shadow boxing enrages blood with take good care of sb, breath arranges its nature, broom improper thought, discharge uses up foul smell, decide basis first, close inspect return listen, contain light silent, tone breath is unbroken, hold with inside defend, notice porch, meritorious service is long a hair of medium baking temperature of the water between instantly, xue Lihua leaves, two kidney are like soup decoct, bladder is like baked wheaten cake, true energy of life is self-sufficient.

Hold the post of superintend and director still wheel, limb is like hill stone. Without the hair that read aloud, nature’s mystery is automatic. Every make one outward appearance, move gently, stop silently, alone moves with the meaning, criterion extreme misery nature mixes be in harmony. Diligent with the passing of time, the whole body is muddleheaded, extremely empty is clever, do not tell a body for me, my for the body, also do not know a god to be born by gas, gas has a mind oneself, in the whole body, be not thought of and get, not exert oneself and in.

Do not know the reason why and like that, also do not know Ren Zhi to be superintend and director, of superintend and director to allow, the gas in be is enraged in also. Arrange becomes appropriate when, natural in time. This character holds the post of superintend and director yield and pledge allegiance to go against, the gas in assist in order to succeed. Pneumatic is born by kidney, jingnai is attributed to kidney. Breathe out whiff, really angry discrepancy, all depend on this.

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