Although ” cold door goes out again hard expensive child ” also do not abandon too early – every day net of preserve one’s health

Although ” cold door goes out again hard expensive child ” also do not abandon too early

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England has a very marvelous newsreel, a director is likely original intention is to think social class is very difficult exceed to test and verify is in England, the child of wealthy person still is wealthy person, the poor’s child still is a poor, the child that selected 14 different estate undertakes dogging filming, record 7 every years, begin from 7 years old, 14 years old, 21 years old, 28 years old, 35 years old, 42 years old, 49 years old, arrive 56 years old of last year all the time, a few years past, still be that director, arrive from the youth senile, still be that group of people, enter old age from children. I hear of this film to have one year, because be complete true person show, comparative so curious, but did not find a source all the time, see this movie in Sohu video eventually, they also finished 56 years old 2012 film, so word of this newest a title is called ” 56UP ” , altogether distributes part, in these 150 minutes, we can peep the life that sees common Englishman.

The life of those people seemed to confirm the director’s first speculation, regretful ground is, proved really, before resembling skyline before long a very fervent card ” cold door goes out again hard expensive child ” , the expression that a flock of graduate differ severally after the bank jackarooes and final a home to return to, let a person cannot verbal but the reality that is cruelty however, admirable social natural resources is used up via be being divided up to danger according to set pattern already, from parental generation all the time bear send filial people of a certain kind. In our country, that come out to work 20 years ago and this group of filial native place staying behind, be far from the child to also be in charge of the child without time energy as parents, also do not have sufficient natural resources to be able to promote the child, they are hard land only living just, and their 80.9 hind the child still goes up casually the old road that the dot acquired a middle school to enter parents next with respect to discontinue one’s studying works to the city, still be in next the brim of bustling town by extrusion, this group unless aspire can change what people on one’s own side is born or philtrum has, but very small one part. And newsreel of beautiful TV of this England true person also is to let a person see sigh unceasingly, specific reason was not analysed inside, we can conclude only through those idea essential cause.

Although “ cold door goes out again hard expensive child ” also does not abandon too early


Child of 7 years old is major innocent romance, the child Andrew that carriage trade reads private school and JOHN been lookinging everyday ” finance signs up for ” or ” observation home ” , they know they can go up clearly which high middle school go up next Oxford becomes and so on of well-known lawyer notability next, the boy of the middle class also has a few dreams to object the colour bar the help is colour perhaps go to school where read have a what profession, the girl was wanting to be brought up to marry a person parturient, and do not talk to go up even in the child of the sansculotte of the boarding school on poor area slums what dream, somebody hopes to make money when horsebreaker, satiate meal punishs the father that somebody hopes can organic meeting sees him less the station is hit less the wish that this also made them.

In they are 56 years old when, in those days those a few 7 years old on the child of private school had gone up according to established course Oxford graduation became well-known lawyer next, live the liberaling life of the classes, family of respect getting a person is happy, their child also is taking father’s old road without an other place, good job of good university of good middle school; The boy of the middle class had 3 to also attend a college, teacher of a middle school was become after maths of Oxford of the first Bruce fastens graduation, help the student of destitute area according to his ideal, an average public school is in to England back and forth after teach, live insipid quiet still also life; The professor of famous university of an United States is become to the United States after physics of the Oxford on Nick of children of additionally one farmhouse fastens graduation, the American wife with admirable temperament of color of a shape was married the 2nd times in marriage, he is here the face succeeds exclusively the person of promotion elite class; Political feeling is very intense when Peter of a boy is young heroic bearing break out, the teacher was become after the university graduates, because midway published political opinion on public affairs to be exited by people assail the motion picture that has pressure films, regain of 56 years old of moment films, had changed his profession did official, the family stabilizes happy children complete in both respects and outstanding, establish to band undertakes producing a show and obtain very right result inside course of study together with oneself beautiful wife off hours, the figure is slender and temperamental elegant, they still lie steadily in the middle class in this gradient. The girl that nevertheless those middle classes come out is behaved very insipid, I cannot separate the old practice that who gives well and truly even, without one exception they marry person marriage unripe child, their life happiness degree almost as perfect as their marriage degree is complete link up with. And those a few children that come from rock-bottom society class, colour be in the majority, after they are aged, the grandfather grandma that became one caboodle child, and their child, seldom can attend a college, be being done is average service job, and so on of repairman security personnel, themselves, often accompany with unemployed photograph, if do not have good regime, they actually place can care.

Although “ cold door goes out again hard expensive child ” also does not abandon too early

Our China adage says, long Shenglong, feng Shengfeng, the son of mice is met burrow, what basically say is heredity and exert a subtle influence on, also conveyed different species probably between this hard the plan of some kind of group of exceed. Let a person plaint to make a person a little unwilling even really besides conclusion beyond, it is the following and a few what be interested more worth while that I still discovered apparently.

Be in piece in, the Andrew of elite class and John still still often carry relatively correct type of build or figure and figure to 56 years old, husband and wife of Nick of professor of the United States in former middle class is rising for elite class, officeholder Peter husband and wife regards middle-level as the person above average inside, bodily form is apparent better, a few say to go up even slender and keen-witted and capable; And the male people that monitor of ground floor rank ages greatly, became fatso baldicoot almost, although they are young when a few say photogenicly to become even brilliant and handsome, especially their wife, every bodily form is to go form quite fierce. And these rock-bottom class father and mother’s strange children, the number is numerous, the majority is fat, although they still have 20 only now,come year old.

Visible, elite class exercises the cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine of the respect such as dietary control from body form, far strong at rock-bottom class, this kind can carry the will of own weight, is also be their success important and idiosyncratic? The advantageous family that everybody saw they are inherent only teachs resource and social environment, besides better life quality and habits and customs, the spirit of the self-improvement of some kind of self-discipline that actually the is them more rear family in bodily form gifts, be worth us at this o’clock very much actually thoughtful. So someone says now, you do not control even your weight, you get up even winter morning not to rise, how can you have perseverance to dominate life? What we see is a figure only, however of the backside map of the figure is more content, accordingly we can hold the person of own bodily form all the year round to those, those unremitting forward the person that him target act vigorously takes, unfeignedly expresses his respect, rearward, their probably our place cannot imagine pay.

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