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  Ban pieceMedium love is a kind of intense and deep love, the affection of unlike other. Ban pieceThe love of a lot of types exists in, include to love oneself and love romance. The way that you can show your love and loves hard is very much.


Love oneself


Admire you. Before loving others, you must love yourself. Institutional him love means the flaw that accept and admires. You are my character. Realize what can offer to you are who and you.

If you love yourself, let oneself cheer up hard next. The acceptance of ego confidence your forward in the past shift. You may think, you did what thing to be able to let you love in the past, or you have a lot of problems too lovely. Truthless. Accept your stupid shit, excuse oneself, before continueing, go.

More information, consult please how to love oneself.


Him care cares others euqally. This may be difficult, if you discover you are natural guard or if you have the child. Remember, you are capable to patronize another person, increase enough, take care of oneself body.

Do not let oneself become final preferential; contrary, oneself do a thing to give you. Or else goes pressing massage bath. Do to give you everyday.

This are outspread in order to hold dividing line, say ” not ” . If you need a few loosen, get together with friend photograph.


Give acknowledgment. The person that be thankful has healthy profit and taller happiness. Find the business that is worth to appreciate to surround you, the most important, because who you are.

Think you have a characteristic, oneself love oneself. You are very rich perhaps sympathize with a heart, fervent, still be a good bend auditor. Perhaps you learn new skill. Perhaps you found beautiful picture to make or conductance line. Spend some of time to appreciate.


The manner is very good also. Although condition appears adverse, discover its positive one side, big or small. Have the healthy profit of positive attitude and mood, like what lower tax rate embarrassed and have longer life. Begin to have inactive idea when you, to oneself, turn into these challenges active thinking.

Use active ego to speak to change inactive think of a way into positive opinion.

Fight thought. “My put through such; I am very foolish! ” ” I feel proud, because I try new thing. Because I try new thing..

If you think ” I am attending a meeting ” , “I am fond of the mastery of a skill or technique with new study and contented society very much more people like me. I know I am can successful make a friend. I know I am can successful make a friend..


The matter that pursue makes you happy. Joy is the love to oneself. Create a happy business, let you feel very good. Do those making your body, the heart, affection, the feeling on spirit is very good. Basically depend on happily the devoted life that lets you hard is more active.

You can choose contemplative practice in, gem gal, paint or draw, kayak, hike, carry out peaceful fist or participate in active discussion. Want why to Man Wei laugh is hanged on your face, go doing it next!


Need a few time that handle alone. Important is to take care of a few time that handle alone. It can be difficult, if you had the child but still leave some of time to give his. Loneliness can help you loosen, experience a problem, start your intelligence afresh, disentomb yourself. Because want,do not handle time alone. Beautiful time is in alone, the human relation that you can improve you and your happiness is preferential let him restoration.

Notable is, alone time, not be to say to want to be on gregarious media. Consider the business that do, the thing that abound your life and makes you feel good resembles a diary or walk.

If you find time very hard to be in alone, awake before someone else, or nooning. Your spouse asks children are weekly one hour, in such your homes, the time that spend a dot is in alone.


Accept you, you do not need a person to finish. A few people believe happiness and love, carry some kind of relation or human concern problem only, good still concern at be being done not have at all. In working relation, not be the spouse that does not respect you or you. Loneliness is not alone, it is to be worth a society to be taken gamely at pressure or whole feeling.

If you feel vinegary or impatient sheet, those who do is best. Strive for an opportunity, very difficult implementation and spouse or family. Journey, win a lot of close friends, enjoy Na Yongheng’s freedom.

Bear a medium love


Refer. The relation of exert oneself, make its work hard. Open his mind to be opposite with your spouse your target and the impact that you see. If you like to interacting only, want honesty. If you have serious long-term love, honesty. Also be a kind of love of course, but the partner that you need to decide you also is same, love you.

The relation of affirmatory support of the people. The partner that lets you in the job feels very special, the job that concerns to the job.


Close. “Close ” it is a homosexual, but the one part that the love with close feeling concerns. Involve affection to let his feel to follow your spouse expression and flaw intimately. Flaw can avoid to look like backtrack, attack, or censure. Contrary, can share resemble intimatelyScared, uneasiness and disappointment. Experience or circumstances, feel insecure relationship is more close before, because of trustful frangibility and development.

Begin to feel flimsy when you (experience fear, sadness, discreditable, harm or) , with time-out. Admit feeling, let oneself feel their; is not evasive they. Feel and treat it softly pitiful and pitifully.

Share your weak office, the other in part that allows you supports you.


Accept love, it is dynamic. If the first appeal of your concern is mixed,intense love is in subsidise, realize the wave that likelihood happening loves. Sometimes you love a person very much, you like experience little, or from the person. Just do not mean because of the low that you touch, this kind of feeling can go down continuously forever. The life has circularly, do not have a problem, love experiences climax and trough.

Meeting generation wave crest and trough are loving a lot of businesses, for example children or old age. You can act well through them.


Open wide breadth of mind to accept love. You need not be the love that in love; of your pilot relation yields your spouse one to convey you. Can accept love to feel a few easier, because it asks,people abandons controlling. Accept gift, accept praise, you are mixed to this problem warm. You liked you to be owed now, let it admit and enjoy an experience. Love won’t have debt but multiply.

Feel your spouse. Feeling does not need sexual love, but be engaged in for a long time, support or stretch his hand the hand of the spouse that goes embracing you maintains link. The love that expresses you is initiated to yours and maintain physical contact. Close affection is a kind of consideration, appreciate, with other connection, openly mood.

Love, feel what be loved and be loved to experience with your spouse.


Thank your associate. Sometimes the means that we communicate each other can be translated, but always understand to be appreciated. Affirm your admiration, thank your associate. The spouse that thanks you reveals your effort to throw this paragraph of feeling. The thing that expresses gratitude your spouse, the element plastid of the person that loves with you shows.


Life associate. And the challenge that should carrying the life and the person that you love is your life. Find out a solution hard together, solve a problem, comfort each other become hard when affairs of human life. We are insoluble everything, we cannot know all. … but because love to be able to solve any problems,a lot of people are together.