In the filling kidney of man kidney deficiency of yang officinal – 1-1 – flying Hua Jiankang net

Generally speaking, deficiency of yang is main side overweight heart, lienal, kidney 3 dirty, its center, Lienal deficiency of yangWith “ Wen Li agent ” treats. Kidney deficiency of yangFor of kind of prescription basically treat disease, the patient is visibleComplexion is cadaverous, form cold limb is cold, lumbar genu ache, lower limbs weaknessFaint, Pee is adverse, orPee frequency, Uric hind heeltap-as small share of benefit, little stomach arrest is urgent, manImpotentPremature ejaculation, woman Gong Han is infecund, glossal weak liver mosses is white, arteries and veins is heavy fine, feet ministry wait very especially. Commonly used medicaments of filling this world if day of monkshood, Chinese cassia tree, Ba Ji, saline cistanche, celestial being is clever cogongrass of glue of lienal, antler, celestial being, at the same time of water of benefit of conpatibility of medicines, filling shade article,

Kidney enrages bolus. Out of kidney air ball ” golden deficient summary ” , basically wait for composition by skin of unripe glutinous rehmannia, yam, cornel, lustre have diarrhoea, tuckahoe, peony, cassia twig, monkshood, functional filling kidney helps this world, advocate this world that treat kidney is not worth card, disease sees lumbago foot is soft, half body often has cold feeling below, little stomach arrest is urgent, pee is adverse, or pee is turned over much, at nightfall blame very, impotent premature ejaculation, the tongue is weak and fat, arteries and veins is frail, feet ministry is heavy fine. In addition, kidney air ball still can treat thirsty of phlegmy drink, oedema, disappear to wait. Current, be in clinical on, kidney air ball is multi-purpose originally at treating chronic nephritis, diabetic, aldehyde disease of ketone grow in quantity, thyroid function is low, neurasthenic, adrenal coriaceous function drops, chronic bronchus asthma, the turn of life asks for the person that wait for this world that belong to kidney to be not worth integratedly.

Square in monkshood big Xin Dare, for Wen Yang a pleasant of laborious of; cassia twig of all medicine and lukewarm, it is Wen Tongyang to enrage; wanting drug 2 medicine photograph closes, the empty of filling kidney this world, aid aerification answer, it is gentleman in all medicine. Like that what kidney is extreme misery is dirty, inside contain yuan Yin Yuanyang, yin and yang slants just decline be sure to bring about shade caustic and in relief or in relief caustic and shade, and ’ kidney deficiency of yang is general course of diseases is longer, can develop by kidney deficiency of yin with irritability more and come, be like Chan Buyang and disregard shade, in relief without in order to add, of temperature rise of play of have no way can, filling kidney of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood of glutinous rehmannia of reason put sb in a very important position, and filling liver of cornel of conpatibility of medicines, yam is lienal and beneficial essence blood, it is official medicine in all. Jun Chen photograph five, filling kidney writes essence of life, lukewarm kidney helps this world, in relief and supplementary Yang Zhili can be begged in Jie shade not only, and the Rou Runze that in relief medicine gets shade drug is lukewarm and not dry, the burst of lukewarm general rule that shade medicine gets in relief drug and not be bored with, both bring out the best in each other. Square in Bu Yangzhi tastes medicine a few light and the medicine of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood is larger heavy, see its cubic purpose, be not high Bu Yuanyang, be in therefore make a fire slightly, stimulant kidney is angry, take ” of life of “ little fire namely justice, again with waterlogging of benefit of lustre have diarrhoea, tuckahoe wet, match cassia twig the root bark of the tree peony of; of phlegmy drink of Wen Hua of be apt to suffers from Xin Erhan, arrogate to oneself enters hematic cent, add up to cassia twig adjustable blood divides sluggish, have diarrhoea of 3 medicine contain at filling, to make Zhu Yin medicine may help the anxiety of wet hindering evil. All medicine are operable, those who help this world is weak in order to turn water, the empty of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood in order to get angry, make kidney in relief hearten, aerification answer constant, criterion all disease are divided oneself. Because kidney air ball is lukewarm filling kidney is in relief, reason pharynx dry of dry, mouth, be perturbed, the tongue is red, little liver mosses person, card belongs to fire of kidney shade inadequacy, empty to go up phlogistic person, unfavorable application kidney enrages bolus. In addition, for pure windy evil, unfavorable use this square.