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  LoveAlwaysMen and womenWhat to mind? ArriveClimax5 little skill  LoveIt is husband and wife probably the closest thing between sweethearts, through love, what can reflect two people is close degree, promotional spouse concern and feeling. Loving love is not to rely on a manual to be able to not have the game that is short of combination. Loving love should be perfect acquit physiologyDesire, complete relaxation the behavior of idea, the rationality that what be necessary to consider in the process that ends it is it the purpose sex that is not it. Loving love is not the mission that lets man or woman get satisfaction. LoveWhat business has been done in the process, allow a woman more sexual blessing? Specific introduction is below.

1, include schedule sexual love.

Husband and wife schedules hour of good sexual love, had made relevant contraceptive step. Sexual life should have the law, for bilateral body consideration. Come so, two people can feel to be necessary to end on time agree, next also not simple searchs again other hold character in the palm.

2, whether concern a heartForeplay.

Before love loves, the foreplay is very important. Pass a foreplay, the one side expression that can make a woman softer comes out. If the man does not have a foreplay, hit a theme directly, can let a woman feel bored, , think the other side does not care about his feeling. Accordingly, the man should be some moreKiss, hug, touch, this meeting lets her feeling arrive thick love.

3, whether exquisite sanitation.

A few men are in came ” the gender is interesting ” when, consider must not clean, wear not gladly evenBring complete set. Do not tell wholesome meeting to let feminine heart give birth to ill feeling, feel sexual love ” dirty ” , still can make them simple suffer from on disease of department of gynaecology. Accordingly, bathe before sexual love, can make her simpler accept you.

4, whether is there kind after sexual love.

A lot of men were over in sexual intercourse later, breathe out immediately breathe out to sleep greatly, do not know to care feminine feeling. Feminine psychology is unavoidable lose feels, can feel to just regard me as sexual thing. Accordingly, after sexual love, holding her in the arms word of say a few words, even if tell her you some became tired, she also can feel you care about her.

5, his function force.

The man’s anxious always gender ability, fear to be before oneself woman, cannot show entirely come out. But the female thinks function force and love have nothing to do truly, function force is not pure ” hardness ” and ” always ” , pay attention to her feeling, two when let her obtain energy and body are satisfied, just be function force is reflected by force.