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  Sexual pleasureexpression loosens body and mind to enjoy cheerful sexual pleasure to be inMen and womenAfter sexual of the same branch of a family, compare good sexual posture, probably other both places reachs a climax. Love wants a climax, have the condition is essential at 2 o’clock, it is both sides of husband and wife should loosen body and mind, straight-out photograph is waited for. Go with cheerful moodLove, suchSexual pleasureThe comparison that just comes is fast, ability is obtainedOrgasm. Sexual pleasure is feeling of a kind of psychology, want to experienceSexual pleasureBe about to love sincerely. Detailed introduction looks below.

The female does not pretend qualityClimax

Because be fear of short of climax to make a spouse disappointed, so a lot of people chose to pretend orgasm. Investigation is shown, figure of a few women or appearance is very good, but the experience of sexual respect contrasts lack, to satisfy oneself proper pride, feel to invite opposite party oneself are stronger, fear to beat each other, can pretend oneself very the status that enjoy or achieves a climax. They are done so, it is to miss please sex partner. Especially when first try sexual life, feel to do not invite opposite party him function power is low, they allow the expression that the spouse sees he is satisfactory gladly.

The expression of sexual pleasure:

Principal, it is the light touch after abreacting. The male produces sexual excitement below sexual excitement, The penis erects, happen copulativeDesire, arrive at ejaculation. Rehabilitation is quiet after ejaculation, mood atonies, gain the satisfaction after abreacting, this is one of content of sexual pleasure.

Next, it is affective of husband and wife is handed in collect confluence. Conjugal love of husband and wife, lean close to of photograph of each other attentive, undertake showing tender affection for, cause sexual impulse and enter orgasm. After orgasm, both sides is farther attentive, care, can produce a kind of hair from the heart happy.

The another content of sexual pleasure is to be in exhaustion experience is happy. End to final ejaculation from the happening of sexual excitement, both sides has the tired out feeling after high strenth is paid, this kind of tired out feeling also is a kind of breathed communication actually, what its happen is glad other issue is replaced hard.

Altogether, sexual pleasure is the feeling of sexual organs not just, must feel its presence from inside affection, psychology and behavior. Pure sex abreacts is graceless behavior, be do not produce perfect climax probably, experience sexual pleasure.