The practice of bream of water oily dip

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  • The practice of bream of water oily dip, how is bream of water oily dip done delicious

      (Advocate expect complementary makings)

    White bream 1 treaty (600 grams) , carry on wine (100 grams) , refined salt (6 grams) , gourmet powder (0.5 grams) , Jiang Pian (10 grams) , Jiang Si (3 grams) , green paragraph (10 grams) , green tiny bit (.

       (Cook a method)

    1. Will treat clean bream to use carry on wine 75 grams, refined salt 3.5 grams, Jiang Pian, green paragraph bloat be soiled is controlled 15 minutes, make its tasty, choose ginger, green, divide the fish with water of clean cloth blot again stand-by.

    2. Get on fire of boiler buy flourishing, dip enters clear water 750 grams, the dip after burning boil enters peanut oil, make its grease temperature maintains control in 90 ℃ (the condition) of boil of the blame that be like boil, put the fish, use small fire dip to restrict 10 minutes or so, to piscine body rise.

    3. Scoop up the fish an outfit to be in dish in, take internal heat of flourishing of the buy that fry pan additionally, dip enters gallinaceous clear soup, the wine that add carry on 25 grams, refined salt 2.5 grams, gourmet powder, after burning boil, with water starch ticks off Gorgon euryale, make rare thick gravy irrigate go up in the fish. Silk of Jiang Si, green is put on piscine body, irrigate the sesame-seed oil that burns heat become namely on green, Jiang Si.

       Network of cate of preserve one’s health is small stick person:

    1. Although oily dip fish is fresh and tender, but its fishy smell is divided hard, tasty owes beautiful. Water oily dip is to use fishy smell Yushui of very easy dissolve and the chemical character that can be evaporated by vapor, use water to be in those who add pair of absorption oil and salt to permeate control function, in making goods is heating, can even ground absorbs partial dressing and the principle such as tasty, make goods is in the respect such as color, sweet, flavour, form more attain perfect.

    2. This dish also can choose mandarin fish fish, little yellow croaker, red trout, blunt-snout bream, carp, grass carp.

    3. If pick river fish, had better go be being ironed with boiled water after scale, with knife raze black skin, taste is little not raw meat or fish.

       (Gust characteristic)

    Law of water oily dip, piscine body is plump, posture is fresh, the flesh is qualitative delicate, this dish is installed dish hind irrigate first on piscine body flavor thick gravy, irrigate Zhi of hot oil, Zhi on ginger green silk again phonic, fragrance 4 excessive. Watch its look look, smell its delicacy is sweet, hear its sound, mouth drooling with greed.

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