The art of preserve one’s health of temperamental belle Shang Wei sees goddess how nurturance is white tender skin

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  • Shang Wei is depended on ” Beijing meets Xiyatu ” the force of successful transition presses the Fan Bingbing, Lin Zhiling, Yang Mi, goddess such as Yang Ying. Although Shang Wei is not facial features is the most delicate, but her water tender skin treats so that see, so Shang Wei is in daily life how maintain, we look together below.

    The art of preserve one's health of temperamental belle Shang Wei sees goddess how nurturance is white tender skin

      1, control food is very important

    Shang Wei acts because of going out ” lubricious give up ” and get the attention of numerous filmgoer, later because of ” late autumn ” and ” Beijing meets Xiyatu ” the heart that harvested numerous vermicelli made from bean starch again, and skin of good figure become reconciled also makes heart of a lot of schoolgirls unripe envy. This and she actually common food is not distributed, shang Wei begins to pay attention to control food all the time from the university, do not eat the tall caloric food such as deepfry, carnivorous stoutly, the thing that still stipulates oneself eat everyday even cannot exceed 1500 kilocalorie quite, so ability carries so good figure.

       2, food is delicate protect intestines and stomach

    Besides should control food besides, shang Wei is general also to dietary taste it is with delicate give priority to, a few hemp are hot with excitant food Shang Wei rejects the entrance. Because can help control weight not only so, and also can protect intestines and stomach well. And be in dinner party when, shang Wei can use rice first or by steamed bread mat, can protect gastric mucous membrane so, right healthy very helpful.

       3, water of soup soup water most raise a person

    Shang Wei likes to drink some of soup soup water very much, she awakes in the morning everyday the metropolis is hollow drink a cup of cool boiled water, and be the cool boiled water after boil certainly, she feels this still is close friends than ordinary mineral water. And she also likes Bao boiling water very much, the body state that still knows him basis will boil boiling water. If having time, Shang Wei returns classics regular meeting to drink some of lemonade, will achieve beautiful Bai Hejiang through compensatory VC the action of body health.

       4, again busy also want Morpheus sufficient

    Besides food should notice in daily life besides, shang Wei returns special attention to sleep watchful time. Film occasionally the job is very busy, but be free only, she can wear blind fold to rest a little while, because enough sleep is,let her can maintain a of groove main reason in the job of high strenth. If Morpheus is insufficient, it is regular meeting affects cutaneous, sleep so good become aware can eliminate exhaustion not only, still can defer cutaneous ageing.

       5, element look out is innocent goddess

    Long makeup is sure can cause undesirable effect to the skin, accordingly Shang Weiping often likes element colour very much. She often is patted the scene of element colour, let everybody exclamation Shang Wei does not make up very beautiful also. Shang Wei thinks this likes quiet usually with oneself Yan Ye is very relative, because she thinks element colour can let at ordinary times the skin with heavy burden gets relaxation with breath, this to alleviating cutaneous ageing, the help improves skin to have first-rate effect character.

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