Winter reduces weight what to eat to take a week so can relaxed thin

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  • Winter reduces weight what to eat to take a week so can relaxed thin

      Zhou Yi: Breakfast: White boiled eggs 1, defatted milk lunch of 1 cup of; : Wax gourd soup gives priority to dish, match rice 1 bowl small (1 two) , cucumber cold dish dinner of 1 dish; : Fruit salad (put salad sauce) less. Advocate make food reducing weight: Wax gourd.

    Recommend reason: Of one’s own accord of wax gourd flavour is weak and the gender is small cold, have the effect of benefit water detumescence, if can take leather edible, the effect is much better. Often eat wax gourd, but purify body is redundant adipose with moisture, action reducing weight reachs since.

    Special attention: Reducing weight need very good will, want to insist to carry out ability to be able to get good result ceaselessly, must not think the move is lazy so, give self-ordained a detailed plan reducing weight, act of in a planned way always compares chaos of the fly that do not have a head to fly so that be close friends.

       Zhou Er: Breakfast: Tea egg 1, rice congee 1 bowl. Lunch: Fry leek to give priority to dish (can put a few egg or be lean lean) , match rice 1 bowl small (1 two) . Dinner: A cup of yoghurt adds a banana. Advocate make food reducing weight: Leek.

    Recommend reason: Leek pledges besides a variety of nurture such as rich calcium, phosphor, iron, protein and vitamin outside, still contain a large number of fiber, can enhance the peristaltic ability of gastric bowel, the nutrition that in quickening eduction bowel to, fills too and redundant adipose.

       Zhou San: Breakfast: Porridge 1 bowl. Lunch: Kelp gives priority to dish (fry, mix but) , match a steamed bread half. Dinner: Cucumber. Advocate make food reducing weight: Kelp.

    Recommend reason: Kelp Qing Dynasty heats up benefit water, have the effect of dispel fat step-down. What it contains a variety of mineral those who reach a vitamin to be able to reduce human body to absorb is adipose the deposit in wall of heart, hemal, bowel, can says the beautiful that disappear fat reduces weight is tasted.

    Special attention: We besides should eat less besides, still a bit want special attention, that drinks water more namely, drink water to be able to quicken metabolism more, letting the body keep healthy is very important.

       Zhou Si: Breakfast: Tea egg 1. Lunch: Bai Luobo gives priority to dish, rice congee 1 bowl. Dinner: Pineapple fruit. Advocate make food reducing weight: Bai Luobo.

    Recommend reason: Sex of pleasant of white turnip flavour is cool, be bored with having pass the time in a leisurely way, go fat, expectorant, relieve a cough wait for effect. It still contains choline material, can reduce hematic fat, blood pressure, special interest at reducing weight.

       Zhou Wu: Breakfast: Rice congee 1 bowl. Lunch: Gram bud gives priority to dish (fry, mix but) , rice 1 bowl small (1 two) . Dinner: Cucumber. Advocate make food reducing weight: Gram bud.

    Recommend reason: Gram bud contains rich plant albumen and a variety of vitamins. It suits to make food of the daily life of a family very much, or cold and dressed with sause or boil are fried, all is delicate and clinking. Often edible gram bud conduces to disappear be bored with, diuresis, fall fat.

       Saturday: Breakfast: White boiled eggs 1. Lunch: Agaric gives priority to dish (fry, mix but) , porridge 1 bowl. Dinner: Cucumber. Advocate make food reducing weight: Agaric.

    Recommend reason: Sex of agaric flavour pleasant is cold, it is a kind of high protein, low adipose, much fiber, much mineral famous and maigre. Material of a kind of polysaccharide still is contained in agaric, can reduce hematic fat and cholesterol, restrain fat formation effectively.

       Weekday: Breakfast: Porridge 1 bowl. Lunch: Cucumber gives priority to dish (fry, mix but) , rice congee 1 bowl. Dinner: Apple. Advocate make food reducing weight: Cucumber.

    Recommend reason: The thin body effect of cucumber cannot be looked down upon, it contains rich cellulose, can promote cholesterol excrete and of hangover of alvine path corruption eliminate; additionally it still has third alcohol 2 acid, can restrain carbohydrate material change to be adipose, take the effect that has light body more so.

    Professional personage introduces, issue the person fact that reduce weight for a long time to cannot be taken at hungry condition, human body needs the ability of quantity of heat of 1200 kilocalorie to satisfy basic physiology function at least everyday, assure the body each viscera safety run effectively, otherwise, airframe protein can be used up and can cause metabolization disorder, serious when can endanger life. The “ that gives priority to with vegetable fruit only reduces weight nutrient eat odd ” cannot be taken. Improve dietary habit, avoid to eat and drink too much especially, repast frequency still should be beautiful with 3, eat second little when blood sugar rises and fall big, hungry cell can exceed strong absorb and nutrient of keep in storage, go against reduce weight.

       Network of cate of preserve one’s health is small stick person: During reducing weight dietary note

      1, oil absorption.

    Eat every time wrap around Sa when suck oil with towel of a piece of paper eat again. Such a week come down, can have one tablespoon oil less. Come down one year, those who absorb is adipose should be decreased.

       2, drink milk more

    Absorb the calcium of 1800 milligram everyday, can make the body little the quantity of heat that absorbs 80 calorie. Rich calcium is contained to pledge in milk. Those habits drink the person of coffee everyday, some of milk is added when drinking coffee every time, can make coffee becomes more slippery not only sweeter, still can help reduce weight. Breakfast awakes, drink a cup of pure milk, can let a person one day work energetically study. A cup of hot milk is drunk before sleeping in the evening, can let a person sleep more sweetly. Lunch drinks a cup of sour milk after dinner meal, still can aid digestion.

       3, eat vegetable more

    Vegetable is very healthy, contain rich cellulose not only, can help aid digestion, return the vitamin C that place of can compensatory human body needs, conduce reduces weight.

       4, drink water more

    Drink water to be able to accelerate metabolism more, burn more calorie. Light is every drink two cups of cold water – temperature not prep above 72 Celsius – can burn 25 calorie. Drink one premium everyday, so come down one year to be able to decrease 5 pounds.

       5, change dinner service into trumpet

    dish, bowl child, small dish changes trumpet, the weight that such 3 meal have metropolis decrescent.

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