Patient of tall chronic of content of fat of big bone soup avoids excessive to absorb

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  • Calcium is human body character necessary nutriment, no matter child, adult, or elder, need calcium to increase bone density character, grow besides the help beyond, still can reduce the fracture risk that collides highly, because a lot of parents or this minder like boiling water of infusion pig bone, the calcium that hopes to be able to increase provision absorbs an amount, but the calcic qualitative content of pig bone soup is not high, the majority is grease, drink much increase body burden instead.

    Patient of tall chronic of content of fat of big bone soup avoids excessive to absorb

      Content of fat of big bone soup is high

    Place nutrition division shows, the calcium that pig bone dissolve gives is qualitative not tall, but the pork that is added by bone, contain abundant oil normally, heat ceaselessly meeting be in harmony arrives inside soup, encourage soup of the much bone that drink a pig so, probable complement arrives adipose, calcium absorbs an amount character actually not tall, work to wait for food with milk as small fish, even if added vinegar to increase calcic dissolve to give an amount, also cannot satisfy body calcium qualitative requirement, achieve raise bone density goal.

       Chronic patient avoids excessive to absorb

    Soup of infusion pig bone is inferior to average person envisaging, can raise soup to taste nutrient value, increase grease and Prynne to absorb an amount however instead, chronic patient had better carry boiling water of a few the bone that drink a pig, lest body burden increases, there is chronic patient in absorbing excessive to may add disease risk Home; , must not use pig bone to boil boiling water, a lot of vegetable feed material to be able to be achieved likewise increase soup to taste Xian Tian, for example heart of kelp, dish, tomato, corn.

       Gao Pulin of big bone soup

    Prynne is nucleolus material, because food of this tall unit cell can have Gaopulin, be like the flesh kind, splanchnic, marrow, through the body metabolization can form uric sick at heart, by kidney eduction, however acerbity chroma of haemal make water is exorbitant, uric acid can produce crystallization inside articulatory antrum, use microscope to be able to be watched fine acicular, very easy exciting joint causes inflammation, the gout that often hears namely breaks out.

       Nutrition is balanced ability is healthy

    Once gout breaks out, a lot of patients can ache intolerable, deliverance doctor seeks medicaments to alleviate, nephritic ill patient accentuates probably illness, because this chronic patient had better decrease,drink hoosh, best at ordinary times vegetable is given priority to by soup, personnel of medical treatment of comply with major suggests, do not want excessive to absorb onefold nutrition, ability is maintained healthy.

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