The expert raises the world of cate of _ of 3 fruits eat that enrols pregnant mammy health care

The expert raises the 3 fruits food that enrols pregnant mammy health care

2012-02-07 13:47:13

The expert raises the 3 fruits food that enrols pregnant mammy health care

Honey fruit congee

Material: Apple half, pear half, honey 1 spoon, rice 100 grams, medlar 5 grams


1, boil rice congee;

2, medlar is abluent, qiedingjia enters flay of apple, pear inside congee, boil (roll) , a bit cold can edible.

Comment on: Increased the prandial fiber inside congee, have lung of clear heart embellish, disappear to feed the action of the moisten the respiratory tract that raise a stomach, taste pure and fresh tastily, have a distinctive flavour, suit taste very much not the pregnant mammy of beautiful, inappetence.

Soup of banana lily tremella

Material: Dry tremella is 15 grams, bright lily 120 grams, banana 2 root, medlar 5 grams, rock candy 80 grams, water 3 cups


1, do tremella bubble water 2 hours, add water 3 cups stew half hours to be taken out into slow fire reserve;

2, banana flay, cut flake

3, the tremella that will boiled, bright lily, banana piece, medlar, rock candy is put into the handleless cup that stew, stew half hours can.

Comment on: Lily and tremella contain rich mineral element, have method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, lukewarm fill, the action of embellish lung, banana contains potassium to abound, and very benefit at digesting, absorb. Profit of this Shang Tian is nice, it is pregnant mammy raises Yin An embryo, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid the good soup of whole bowel, because contain cane sugar much and go against the pregnant mammy with overmuch gain weight to take, after also going against dinner, take.

Profusion fruit salad

Material: Strawberry 2, apple half, pear half, bizarre fruit 1, papaya smaller part, mango smaller part, yoghurt 50 grams


1, fruit of of all kinds abluent, stripping and slicing, buy freezer freezes a bit (about 15 ~ 20 minutes) ;

2, enter yoghurt 150 ~ 200ml, mix divide evenly can.

Comment on: These a few kinds of fruits contain rich vitamin C, carotene and human body to need all sorts of mineral, and contain many moisture and prandial fiber, can promote health, enhance immune power. And replace salad sauce with yoghurt not only delicious, nutrition is rich, and also need not have worried about much more invisible and adipose problem, suit to fear to suffer from particularly on the pregnant mammy of gravid hypertension.

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