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Eating these food to the darling inside 1 year old!

2015-07-22 13:35:51

Guide language: To the child’s food, what advocate all the time is food wants balanced, but to a year old former darling character, because growth of line of intestines and stomach is not complete still, to avoid to increase the burden that its intestines and stomach, and reduce the chance that poses allergy, some food are unfavorable and premature contact! Below small write the introduction a few unsuited the food of edible of the darling a year old ago.

1 albumen

Bit more dangerous: Part is easy cause allergic reaction

The egg contains rich high grade protein, still calcic, phosphor, iron waits mineral with a variety of vitamins, just the digestive ability darling is one year old ago is returned cannot the nutrient composition that this abounds the burden, the composition in adding albumen causes allergic reaction easily, so, the baby that begins to eat deputy food must eat yoke first.

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