Although cake is delicious these 4 kinds of BB had better not take _ cate the world

Although cake is delicious these 4 kinds of BB had better not eat

2016-10-12 11:21:14

Cake lubricious fragrance is provided complete, it is the food that many children love to eat. A lot of parents also can feel cake is made with the egg, take a place to the child also just as well. The expert reminds parents, cake also divides a lot of sort, some cake are very adverse to the child’s health cannot eat.

Cake of 1. crisp skin

To cater to buccal stomach of everybody, in contemporary commercialize drive under, many cate ” emerge as the times require ” , for instance crisp skin cake. However crisp skin cake is adipose content is high, and practical is from the plant that abstraction comes out among the plant adipose. Fat of this one lipoid is digested not easily to absorb by human body, can bring about the child the disease such as abdominal distension, diarrhoea, indigestion, the health that goes against the child grows. Parents are in when cake of child choose and buy, do not choose crisp skin cake as far as possible, be not puzzled by their outside place.

2. contains the cake of cyaniding vegetable oil

Although many cake rooms serve as cake to sell a site with bright grandma, but what use when the cake that make often be not bright grandma, this is the commercial deceit of property of a kind of advertisement only. Many inn-keeper add cyaniding vegetable oil between cake, because used a plant,cake looks very beautiful is adipose or it is wheat cream, the child had easy cause problem of intestines and stomach. A lot of parents often are attracted by the outside place with these beautiful cake, children also like their beautiful appearance very much, the cake most that does not know these are beautiful however is not to use true delicacy to suckle a side to come out, ate very insalubrious also.

The cake with 3. bright color

Good cake color is sterling, smell have a kind of light egg the grandma is sweet, this is the cake fragrance that compares tradition and health. If look color particularly bright-coloured, smell very sweet, this most is added a few pigment or be flavor. These additive go against the child’s health to grow, can bring about child secondary feature to appear ahead of schedule even, namely the precocity that we say. When parents are choosing cake to the child, had better be to observe first, if be no good compare 3 with respect to goods, must choose more healthy cake.

4. fruit cake

Fruit of the can when the fruit that fruit cake place uses is general, not fresh more nonnutritively, the child had to cause intestines and stomach possibly instead unwell. When parents are choosing cake to the child, had better be to be booked ahead of schedule, explain inn-keeper to want to use traditional butter and true grandma to make cake, price wants such likelihoods a bit more expensive, but health wants under photograph comparing much.

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