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These food ten million cannot eat to the baby!

2016-10-14 10:39:21

Each father mother of darling, do you know what food does not suit to take a baby complementary feed? Baby complementary feed need parent choice to carry fine anthology, ten million cannot be added to darling blind, the influence that can make baby generation bad in that way, specific content reads the article below please!

Darling begins to add complementary feed, mom is in the excited food that can want to be darling is safe good close, having a few food is not to suit to serve as a baby complementary feed, mom can want sharpen one’s eyes to value:

1, excitant too strong food. The drink such as wine, coffee, strong tea, coke do not answer drinkable, lest affect neurological normal growth; Soda water, cool and refreshing beverage in case drink go up not to agree to put the mouth, want to drink all the time, cause inappetence easily; The food such as chili, peppery, green Chinese onion, garlic, ginger, pickled Chinese cabbage, damage mucous membrane of delicate oral cavity, esophagus, stomach extremely easily, do not answer edible.

2, contain adipose with the food with too much candy. Chocolate, malted milk is to contain the purificatory provision with very high quantity of heat, eat Yizhi for a long time more fat.

3, stodgy food. Octopus, cuttlefish, bamboo shoot and burdock and so on all stodgy, should not give a baby edible.

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