The Limit of Heat will want to have the world of key _ cate to preserve one’s health

The Limit of Heat will want to have a key to preserve one’s health

2013-11-09 12:53:38

The Limit of Heat will want to the key goes to preserve one’s health hot weather is wet should eat melon more ” skin “

The Limit of Heat will come, prevent ” hot weather is wet ” the focal point of principal preserve one’s health that became this paragraph of time.

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks lienal advocate carry is changed, sedentary lack motion can be hurt lienal, so, “Volt case is sedentary ” the person is become easily ” hot weather is wet ” dangerous crowd. Have a look to the mirror, if oneself coating on the tongue is thick be bored with and hair is yellow, be about vigilant ” hot weather is wet ” to visit. Doctor of director of division of traditional Chinese medical science of hospital of the 4th center introduces Tianjin city, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine often says ” wet ” one’s duty the watch is wet, wet two kinds: Because of solar term be caused by, “Volt case is sedentary ” crowd impressionable is ” inside wet ” , cancel wet course relatively endless; Drench, heatstroke is ” the watch is wet ” , come quickly, go quickly also.

If the near future feels dazed, sleep not to wake, fatigue and anoxic, the whole body is lack of power, what to eat to do not have flavour, there still is a thick Huang Tai on coating on the tongue, that had inside body namely most probably ” hot weather is wet ” . Remind appear after afore-mentioned symptoms, active go to a doctor while, also want to be adjusted somewhat on the choice of diet.

Go ” hot weather is wet ” , should notice the dehumidify such as much edible the seed of Job’s tears, watermelon, wax gourd digests wet food on food. Often feed the seed of Job’s tears to have be good at lienal change wet intention; Watermelon skin is to change wet medicine, can take the part of some of skin and flesh alternate with; Lotus leaf basically is expressed wet, the lotus leaf that does with lotus leaf gets or supply meals at a fixed rate, wax gourd of; of dehumidify of conduce of lotus leaf boiled water takes a skin to boil after down of best take out, can change wet, skin of usable also wax gourd and gram are boiled together, for 1:2scale, wax gourd is occupied 1, gram is occupied 2; Cruelly oppress mostly ” unripe wet unripe phlegmy ” , accordingly, during the Limit of Heat had better eat big fish big meat less.

Life respect reminds: Keep indoor environment dry bright, ventilated as far as possible, if have ” hot weather is wet ” symptom, not be inside the house with big humidity long slow-witted, should not be in pluvial ground more Zuo water; If gave sweat to want seasonable erase, the dress became wet should change in time.

The Limit of Heat will want to have a key to preserve one's health

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