Woman 8 place fight constant rub body anile

Female health care has a lot of methods, the gift that can make at any time and place is most the method of economic material benefit. Consider to discover, 8 position that the female uses body of scattered time rub can get very good health care is fought decline action. .hzh {display: none; } One, rub bosom: First the right hand after left hand is among two costal region ”

The female bewares ” cold fall from the foot unripe “

A lot of people have the feeling with crural cool close heart, because adipose content of the foot is little, and people is used to wearing footgear already, fight cold ability so weaker. Additional, the double foot of a lot of people is the important way discharging sweat of the body, if encounter cold, it is a sweat above all not free. Double foot of somebody ” disloyalty is dirty

14 habits and customs allow the woman your youth permanent

Catch every year hair must not exceed twice, adorn invisible does glasses bring about period of corneal oedema, woman easily to want to be far from pollution… these do you understand? Know, do not do the following 14 kinds of healthy lifestyle, your age will be far older than wanting it seems that now, and be equal to chronic suicide. .hzh {display: none; }    Motion having oxygen — protect

The female often can eliminate abdomen by celiac hilum adipose

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine massages all through the ages to welcome by people, correct massage can treat a disease not only, prevent disease, still conduce to preserve one’s health. Often press celiac hilum to be able to preventConstipation, eliminate abdomen adipose; Often press ear ministry to be able to preventChilblain, the help raises kidney; Press prothorax, can strengthen heart lungs function; Press back, can enhance immune power, precautionCold;

What does common sense of female preserve one’s health eat to be your check

   .hzh {display: none; } Once the age of female friend passed 25, the skin is met worse and worse, not only the mood that can affect a woman, what can make the body of female friend likely still anile is faster. So, female friend must notice to maintain more. So what does common sense of female preserve one’s health eat? What food can have the effect of preserve one’s

The female eats what food to fill kidney is more healthy

   .hzh {display: none; } Not only the man just can appear kidney empty, the female also needs filling kidney likewise. Most person can choose medicaments to improve kidney empty, fill however kidney is optimal the method is dietary adjustment however. Do you know what food filling kidney the female eats? Small today make up teach everybody cate of a few filling kidney, learn to rise rapidly.    Cookbook of

What does soup of filling kidney of schoolgirl of female filling kidney have

   .hzh {display: none; } Believe each females think Yong Baoqing spring. Why do you know to meet then anile? The reason nothing is more… than that actually the schoolgirl crosses early consenescence was short of gas, algidity and kidney to have a deficit. So, want tarry youth, be about to know filling gas to enrich the blood reach filling kidney. Teach everybody how to fill first today kidney, a

The food of deficiency of yang of female filling kidney has what flesh kind

   .hzh {display: none; } Kidney theory theory of the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks kidney empty is main is yin and yang maladjusted those who cause, basically can divide for deficiency of yin with irritability and deficiency of yang two kinds. Generally speaking, the female belongs to water, belong to shade namely, so empty of major female occurrence kidney is kidney deficiency of yang. Friend of a lot